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Android Release Notes Creation

Create Android Release Notes

The Release Notes Creator translates your app’s change-log and creates the Play Store Release Notes format within seconds. Copy or type the news about your latest app release into the Creator, select your languages, and receive the translations.


Validate or modify the resultset and copy and paste everything easily to the Google Play Console. Be sure to have all important changes and keywords inside and reach out to new users or inform your recurring ones about your work.


The Release Notes Creator has moved. Use the full functionality (all languages) integrated within the App Store Manager. The App Store Manager allows creating your Android release notes besides many other functionalities. Like screenshot or metadata bulk-uploading, automatic translation, among others.


Create your release notes here.
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How to use the Release Notes Creator

Create your app release notes quickly.

Provide your new app features and get the translated format in return.

Step 1

Write your news and changes in the text field. Or just copy them from your source.
Provide the language of your source description.

Step 2

Choose the target languages. You require a description for each language, you have activated within the Google Play Console.

Step 3

Translate and validate the translated results. You can navigate through all languages and adopt changes or modify them directly.

Step 4

Copy the complete result. The format is already prepared for the store. Just paste it to the specific text area of the corresponding release.


Try the release notes creation here

The Release Notes Creator has moved. 
It has become a part of our App Store Manager.

You can test it below or within the App Store Manager for free.
See our help page for more information.


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